About me

Joris van der Heijden

I help others create freedom and growth. Freedom in feeling, thinking and being! But that's not how I started my career...

I worked as a sales professional for a commercial network of CEOs, director and owner of a large furniture factory, and business analyst for an Asian news channel. I enjoyed working for many different organizations in the first twenty years of my career. With my business mindset and my talent for connecting easily with people, interim sales management became my specialty, resulting in challenging jobs in the Netherlands and abroad. I lived in foreign countries and cultures for extended periods, which led to a growing desire to sail around the world. 

In 2017 I sailed from the Netherlands, through Africa and South America, to the Caribbean islands in one year - following the winds on a magnificent wandering across the oceans. 

During this journey, I discovered not only more about the world but also more about myself and my talents. I realised that, while working in the business world, it was the people who were my driving force and my ability to connect with them led to my success. I no longer wanted to use this talent for the commercial success of companies but much rather for my own and others' happiness. That's why, after this sailing trip, I decided to switch careers and retrain as a coach and breathwork facilitator. I have since helped many coaching clients with their challenges. 

In addition to my coaching practice, I have also worked as a meditation and breathwork facilitator at Samma Karuna, a school for awakening and healing, in Koh Phangan, Thailand, over the past two years. It was a fantastic experience at one of the best-rated retreat centers in Thailand.