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Feeling stuck in any way? I can help you with that. Let's work together to find a way for you to feel free again. We can all identify with the feeling of things not going quite right, and realising that something needs to change. Often, we are unsure of that lies at the core of it and as your coach, we will work together to identify the root cause and the strategies to navigate it. You'll find the answers within yourself, and I'll be your mirror, supporting you along the way. Sometimes, we tend to blame external factors, but the root cause and solution may lie within us. I'll help you find your ideal scenario. How do you want your life to look? Together, we'll find solutions and I'll provide you with tools to take control of your life once again.

Ik heb de afgelopen jaren opleidingen gevolgd  bij o.a. de Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie (Nobco gecertificeerd).


To me, nothing is too strange or unusual, and I never judge. In that regard, I am very gentle. However, when necessary, I can also be clear, direct, and confronting. 
Each session is different and tailored to the individual. At the core, I help you gain clarity on what the real challenge is. From there, I assist in finding solutions and creating a plan of action if needed. 

Often, we are not entirely sure what is making us unhappy, and the root cause is deeper than we realise. Sometimes, we need to dig deep to uncover the source of the problem. To do this, it is necessary to explore our most vulnerable parts and bring everything that lies dormant in our unconscious mind into the light!


During the Covid period, I've noticed that online coaching via video calls works very well and has many benefits. Research from the Eindhoven University of Technology shows that digital coaching and therapy often work much better than expected. The accessibility of video calls means that the therapist and client can speak to each other more frequently and for shorter periods, which is beneficial for the therapeutic relationship. 

I believe that coaching works best in an environment that is familiar to you. Not in a clinical space with two chairs, a table, and a box of tissues. Video calls help with this too: it's comfortable for you to be at home, on your own couch. Additionally, you don't have to travel, so it's an easy and fast way to work.


What others say about me

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I can wholeheartedly recommend Joris as a coach! He has a positive and realistic view of what is possible, and an adventurous outlook on life. It was immediately clear that he has gone through a lot, which made it easy for him to help me. After every session, a weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I felt strengthened at the end of the program to finish my PhD with confidence and peace of mind. He also helped me focus on what is truly important in life and to approach new projects with more energy.
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Joris is a very pleasant person to talk to. There is space and tranquility during the sessions, which made me feel comfortable and allowed me to be very open. He was able to give me a boost when I really needed it
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Amazing how small changes can be life altering! Through his friendly, calm and patient demeanor, Joris immediately put me at ease. He helped me identify my goals and why they are important to me. Joris also helped me figure out how to finally make concrete plans towards pursuing them. Now in just the few months since my first talk with Joris, I feel like I have made radical progress. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and anxious, now I am much calmer and happier. I highly recommend letting Joris work his magic on you!

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